Jessica Alba: Embarrassing Mom, Feminist Dad

Tuesday, 01.10.2019
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One could assume that celebrities are always adored almost always and everywhere by fans. This is also true for many situations in the everyday working life of stars and starlets – but: These people also have family. And at the latest at the own kinship helps sometimes no more celebrity status.


That's what Hollywood star Jessica Alba is all about, as the 38-year-old has revealed. She was embarrassed even by her own daughter, said the entrepreneur at the founders fair "Bits & Pretzels" in Munich. "She came home a couple of years ago and said," It's a very embarrassing thing to do: you were in the grocery store, on a magazine cover, and my friends will see you. "

Until then, her daughter had been unaware that she has a degree of fame, said Alba. The actress talked at the show above all as the founder of the cosmetics company "The Honest Company", named after her daughter Honor – and gave tips on how to deal with men in everyday working life: "Go through it slowly with them." At some point, it becomes theirs Idea – and implemented. "

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Jessica Alba:
"It's something totally embarrassing"

  In her early days as an entrepreneur, she was restrained because she had not been taken seriously because of her job as an actress. She does not have a high school diploma, Alba said, "and I was intimidated by my lack of higher education."

Today she has two jobs, three children and an 18-hour day. That's only possible because her husband takes care of the household and children just as she does. "He is a feminist." However, she could not work with him because: "We have to stay married."

  Alba has been saying for a long time that she was a feminist as a child. Last year she said about the #Metoo movement: "It was about time." Things had been unbalanced far too long.

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