Watchmen: German launch date of the new series

 The Watchmen series now has a German launch date. Together with the date a first synopsis was published. Here you can find out when you can watch Watchmen and what it's all about. After the award-winning comic Watchmen 2009 has been filmed before, the second live-action-adaptation will be released. This time the Watchmen will be shown as a series. However, not the events from the film are continued, but connected directly to the comics. The plot takes place 30 years after the known story. We broadcast the Watchmen series on Sky and is therefore also available on Sky Ticket, Sky Go and Sky Q On Demand.
According to the first summary, the Watchmen series plays 30 years after the events from the comics. After the terrorist organization Seventh Cavalry has committed an attack, mobile and internet are prohibited. Policemen who were the target of the attack wear a mask to hide their identity. A new, controversial law is dividing the nation, and in all of this the Seventh Cavalry is strengthening again. Together with the synopsis, the German launch date was announced. Watchmen launches on November 4, 2019. Just a few days after the American launch on October 20.
Fans of the Watchmen comics can therefore look forward to a new story in which also heroes from the original occur. So will Dr. Manhatten and Ozymandias can be seen in the series. Whether Dr. Manhatten actually returns from his exile on Mars, or will only have an appearance is still unclear. But it is certain that Watchmen fans should keep the 4th of October free. However, as usual, only one episode will be released per week.

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