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Rock Hard – DELAIN: New Single 'Burning Bridges' in Video

News 30.09.2019, 19:05 DELAIN present their new single 'Burning Bridges' in the accompanying music video. The latest single of the Danish Symphonic Metallers and frontwoman Charlotte Wessels can be found below in the official music video. DELAIN are currently working on completing their next studio album, which is expected to hit the market in spring

Jessica Alba: Embarrassing Mom, Feminist Dad

Tuesday, 01.10.2019 08:13 clock One could assume that celebrities are always adored almost always and everywhere by fans. This is also true for many situations in the everyday working life of stars and starlets – but: These people also have family. And at the latest at the own kinship helps sometimes no more celebrity status.

Response to Khan Shading: Top Managers Need to Leave Credit Suisse

                           Tuesday, October 01, 2019                                              Has a new job at UBS since today: Iqbal Khan. (Photo: REUTERS)               When it becomes known that top manager Khan is leaving Credit Suisse and hiring from rival UBS, a high-ranking employee rings the alarm. He initiates the shading of the apostate. The affair has personal consequences.

Watchmen: German launch date of the new series

 The Watchmen series now has a German launch date. Together with the date a first synopsis was published. Here you can find out when you can watch Watchmen and what it's all about. After the award-winning comic Watchmen 2009 has been filmed before, the second live-action-adaptation will be released. This time the Watchmen will be